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We love to deliver high quality, consistent and professionally commissioned audio visual solutions. It's our jam.

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It's how we do it.

Our mission is to transform businesses through the creation of easy-to-use audiovisual, IT and automation solutions. We want to bring cutting edge audio visual technology within reach for all companies so they can increase productivity and efficiency in their workspaces. Focus AV believes that empowering people with the right tools can free them from many of the constraints they face in today’s workplace, helping them be more productive.

When it comes to listening, we’re an industry leader. From product innovation and customer service to installation services and ongoing support; we demand nothing but top-notch performance from each person on the Focus AV team!

We work with many businesses, but our expertise and solution set lie within the following industries. dd

What audio visual solutions do you provide?

Hey, great question! And we are so glad you asked. We cover most things on the audiovisual spectrum. We can design and install glorious indoor and outdoor LED screens like the one down at your local footy oval. We can install and program video conferencing equipment into board rooms, training rooms, huddles. That digital sign out the front of your favourite store? That video wall down at the gym? Yep, we can do that too. We don’t mean to flex, but if you’re looking for a complex control room system that would put the Death Star to shame? Then you are definitely in the right place. 

We can keep going, but we’ve built this little slider for you. Simply hit the tile that looks close to what you might be looking for and we can take you through this in more detail. 

But we want to make it easy for you, so if you’re not sure where to start – why not give us a call?

Our services

We favour simplicity. We won’t sell you something that’s too complicated or reinvent wheels when it comes to delivering your business’ requirements.  We don’t make things too complicated for users of all levels to understand. We believe in solutions for a broad spectrum of users, not just those who have knowledge or experience.

We keep up with the changing needs of today’s corporate world so your company can stay ahead. We’re always getting better at what we do and how to do it. That’s why your next project will be our best yet!

But if you'd like more detail...


​You know what you want to achieve, we know how to achieve it.

Focus Audiovisual is able to create unique, intelligent and user friendly audio visual systems that will fulfil your expectations.​
​We can customise our services entirely according to your budget. This doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality, we just become more creative.


​Our installers are all industry certified & experienced technicians who install systems of outstanding quality every day. We have a diverse team of installers with a range of talents, skills and knowledge. Efficient teamwork, collaboration and communication between technicians is our key to delivering excellent AV systems to our clients.

Our installations will adhere to Australian standards and regulations. We only supply our installers with the best quality components, tools and equipment. Our installers are polite, professional and clean!

Project Management

Project management and coordination is essential for the successful deployment of your audio visual systems, both simple and complex. When you engage us for a project, you'll be looked after from day one. Whether it's an involved or straightforward project, proactive management is essential. Its the job of our project managers to make our your life easy.

Our experienced and dedicated audio visual project managers work closely with architects, builders, electrical contractors, design consultants and interior decorators to ensure a custom-tailored audio visual fit for your environment. 


Our control systems are reputable for being good looking, easy to use and powerful. Our certified control system programmers are fully capable of building ground-up control systems with appealing designs and simple interfaces.

They also must be easy to operate while having no compromise in power and capability.  Natural problem solvers and artists,  our team of programmers are at their happiest when faced with an interesting scope or  environment.

Making various technology types communicate is also no easy task, but we are always up for a challenge.


To ensure our customers are fully trained on systems before they become available for use, Focus AV offers on-site and hands on training sessions as a complimentary service for each system we install. We also provide documentation and as-built schematics for each system we hand over.


We are only a phone call away for support and maintenance. We are aware that especially in the commercial environment, time is money so we will always aim to attend as soon as humanly possible. In the  event your system has a fault, we will repair it and rigorously test it before signing off on it, and make sure everything is running smoothly before we close the case.

Preventative Maintenance

Our maintenance services were designed to preemptively identify and rectify any possible issues before they become truly problematic and cost you time and money. We aim to find and fix anything that might prevent 100% system performance by booking regular system checks.

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